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My house


This is my house. It isn’t very big. There are 4 rooms in my house. The living room. It is the biggest room in my house. There is a sofa, a TV, a big table with chairs, a piano, some pictures on the walls and coffe table in the living room. We watch TV in the living room.

There is a kitchen in my house. It is smaller than the living room. There is a stove, a washing mashine, a TV and a fridge in the kitchen. My granny cooks in the kitchen. I like to cook with her.

There are three bedrooms in my house. My parents’ bedroom is the biggest  in the house. There is a big bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a small TV in my parents’ bedroom. My bed is smaller than their bed. There is a small table with my books on it and a warderobe. There is a carpet on the floor. It is very soft. I sleep in my bedroom.

There is a bathroom. It is not very big. It is the smallest room in my house. There is a bathtub, a sink and a toilet in the bathroom. We have a shower in the bathroom.