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Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Be      there by six o’clock. Be Do Have Will

2. What  du     you do? – I’m an engineer. And you? be do have will

3. I   will    probably stay home tonight. am do have will

4. I didn’t go to the meeting because I     had  a headache. did had was would

5. What    are   they doing? are do have will

6. Will you help him to carry it, please? It is heavy. Are Do Have Will

7. He    is   leaving next week. does has is will

8. She can’t talk with you now because she    doesn’t    have time. She has to go to work now. doesn’t hasn’t isn’t won’t

9. Can you call me a little later? We   are having    dinner now. are being were doing are having will be

10. I     have been  writing letters all morning. have been have done have had would have

Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Can I speak to Tom, please? – Sorry, he is out. I think he  will be     back after three. is has been will be will have been

2. If he  calls     you, don’t tell him about our plan. calls has called will call will be calling

3. I’ll wait here until he    has finished   his work. has finished will finish will be finishing will have finished

4. Did you ask Tom to bring my books? – Oh, I’m sorry. I completely forgot about it. I    will call   him right away. am going to call have called will call will have called

5. I’m going to clean the garage after I will have   washed   my car. wash am washing will wash will have washed

6. I don’t know whether we  will go     there. We haven’t decided yet. go have gone will go will have gone

7. Billy missed his classes again. – OK, I  am going to visit     to him before I leave. talk have talked will talk

8. Have you made plans for tonight? – Yes. I    am going to visit  my sister after work. We need to discuss some family matters. am going to visit have visited will visit will have visited

9. When does the train for Boston leave, please? – It  leaves      at 8:30 p.m. every day. leaves has left has been leaving will have left

10. I will ask her about it when she    comes   back. comes is going to come will come will be coming

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