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1.1Write the short from (she’s/we aren’t etc.)

1.she is-she’s.

2.They are -they’re. is not-isent.

4.that is-that’s.

5.I am not-m not .

6.You are not-your’e not

1.2Put in am,is or are.

1.The water is nice today.

2.I am not tired .

3.This bag is heavy.

4.These bag are heavy.
5.Look! There is Carol.

6.My brother and i are good tennis players.

7.An is at home. Her children are at school.

8.I am a taxi driver. My sister is a nurse.

1.3Write full sentenches. Use is/isen’t/are/aren’t.

1.Your shoes are very dirty.

2. My brother is a teacher.

3.This house insen’t very big.

4.This shops aren’t open today.

5.My keys are in my bag.

6.Jenny is 18 yers old.

7.You aren’t very tall.

1.4 Look at Lisa’s sentences.Now write sentences about yorshelf.

1.(Name?) My name is Alvina.

2. (From?) I am armenian I am from Erevan.

3. (age?) I am 12.

4.(Job?) I am a student.

5.(Married?)I’m not married.

6.(Favoriute colour or colours?) My favoriute colour is wite, bleack, and blue.

7.(Interesed in?) I ‘m interesed in dance,sing,and english.

1.5Write sentences for the pictures. Use. afriad angri, cold, hot, hungry.

1.She’s thirsty.

2.They’re cold.

3.He’s hot.

4.He is afride.

5.They are hungry.

6.She’s angry.


2.I’m not hungry isen’t warm today.

4.I’m not afriade of dogs.

5.My hends aren;t cold.

6.Canada is a very big contry.

7․Diamonds arent cheap.

8.I am not interest in football.

9.Rome isen’t in Spain.


2.1Find the right answers for the questions.

1.Where’s the camera?.

2.Is your car blue? f

3.Is linda from London?H

4.Am I late? C

5.Where’s Ann from? A

6.What colour is your bag? E

7.Are you hungry? B

8.How is George? I

9.Who’s that woman? D


B.No i’m not

C.Yes you are

D.My sister.


G.In your beg.

H.No,she’s American

I. Very well.

2.2Make questions with these words. Use is or are.

1.(At home/ your moter?) Is your mother at home?

2.(Your parents/well?) Are your parents well?

3.(Interesting/your job?) Is your job interesting.

4.(The sops/open today?) Are the shops open today

5.(interested in sport/you?) Were are you from.

6.(near here/the post office?) Is the post office near here?

7.(at school/your children?) Are your cildren t school?

8.(Why/you/ late?) Why are you late

2.3Complete the cuestions.Use What… /Who… /Were../How..

2..Where is
3.How old are

4.How mutch are

5.what is

6.who is

7.what colur are.