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English exercises 1-3

Complete these sentences. Use the verbs below.
clean – die – enjoy – end – happen – live – open – play – rain – repair – start – stay – want – watch

1. Yesterday evening I watched TV.
2. I only cleaned my teeth four times last week.
3. Bruce repaired his mountain bike yesterday evening.
4. The concert last night started at 7.30 and ended at 10 o’clock.
5. The accident happened last Sunday afternoon.
6. When I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer.
7. Mozart lived from 1756 to 1791.
8. We enjoyed our holiday last week.
9. Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it rained.
10. It was hot in the room, so I opened the window.
11. The weather was good yesterday afternoon, so we played tennis.
12. William Shakespeare died in 1616.

Fill in the negation.
1. They were at the party yesterday. They weren’t at the party yesterday.
2. Paula wrote back. Paula didn’t write back.
3. We arrived late. We didn’t arrive late.
4. He played football. He didn’t play football.
5. I forgot her birthday. I didn’t forget her birthday.
6. He washed the car. He didn’t wash the car.
7. She hurt her leg. She didn’t hurt her leg.
8. Sam was tired. Sam wasn’t tired.
9. I found the keys. I didn’t find the keys.
10. Martin visited his grandparents. Martin didn’t visit his grandparents.
11. She tidied her room. She didn’t tidy her room.
12. He jumped high. He didn’t jump high.
13. Steve left the hotel three days ago. Steve didn’t leave the hotel.
14. She was in Italy last summer. She wasn’t in Italy last summer.
15. Mr Brown read my essay. Mr Brown didn’t read my essay

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