Posted in English 7, Ընտրություն 7

How I became a Sebastian

I have been studying at Derenik Demrchyan School N27 for two years. In the 3rd grade, I moved to the West School of the Mkhitar Sebastasi educational complex. I participated in the summer trip camp. Then I made friends and became a member of the Sebastian community. The curriculum here is completely different from my previous school. Of course, there were difficulties at first, but I adapted easily thanks to the warm and friendly attitude of my new friends and teachers. Sebastsi community taught me to appreciate national values. Classes are more than pleasant for us. we just don’t have time to get tired. We spend part of the lessons outside, in the garden or on the farm. My favorite moment is singing on the bus in the morning. we learn new songs and sing all the way to school. Mkhitar Sebastasi educational complex is my irreplaceable school and safe environment, which I would not exchange for any other school or community.


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