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English test

1It’s an animal.

2.I need a new bed.

3.It’s a useful machine.

4I’m a waiter.

5.Do you have an umbrella?

6.I’m an English teacher.

7.I need a hat.

8Is she a student?

9We have an ugly duck.

10.I need an hour.

1.a university  universities

2.a sandwich  sandwiches

a university ⇒ universitiesCorrect

2a sandwich ⇒ sandwichesCorrect

3.a street  streets

4.a rich man rich man foot two feet

a dirty bag ⇒ dirty bagsCorrect

➪ Add -s as a general rule

7an expensive watch ⇒ expensive watchesCorrect

8a new phone ⇒ new phonesCorrect

9a nice photograph nice photographsCorrect

10One glass of wine two glassesCorrect of wine

  1. a bus  busesCorrect

2. a nice family nice familiesCorrect

3. an Italian child Italian childrenCorrect

4. a strong tooth strong teethCorrect

5. a nice dress nice dressesCorrect

6. an angry wife angry wivesCorrect

7. a uniform uniformsCorrect

8. an amazing website amazing websitesCorrect

9. an elephant  elephantsCorrect

10. an empty library empty librariesCorrect


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