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My family

Family history
My parents have been married for 13 years. I was born after 1 year they get married. And my sister got born 7 years later. There are four of us in my family. Me and my sister still live with our mom and dad. We spend a lot of time together


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Check your progress

Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Be      there by six o’clock. Be Do Have Will

2. What  du     you do? – I’m an engineer. And you? be do have will

3. I   will    probably stay home tonight. am do have will

4. I didn’t go to the meeting because I     had  a headache. did had was would

5. What    are   they doing? are do have will

6. Will you help him to carry it, please? It is heavy. Are Do Have Will

7. He    is   leaving next week. does has is will

8. She can’t talk with you now because she    doesn’t    have time. She has to go to work now. doesn’t hasn’t isn’t won’t

9. Can you call me a little later? We   are having    dinner now. are being were doing are having will be

10. I     have been  writing letters all morning. have been have done have had would have

Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Can I speak to Tom, please? – Sorry, he is out. I think he  will be     back after three. is has been will be will have been

2. If he  calls     you, don’t tell him about our plan. calls has called will call will be calling

3. I’ll wait here until he    has finished   his work. has finished will finish will be finishing will have finished

4. Did you ask Tom to bring my books? – Oh, I’m sorry. I completely forgot about it. I    will call   him right away. am going to call have called will call will have called

5. I’m going to clean the garage after I will have   washed   my car. wash am washing will wash will have washed

6. I don’t know whether we  will go     there. We haven’t decided yet. go have gone will go will have gone

7. Billy missed his classes again. – OK, I  am going to visit     to him before I leave. talk have talked will talk

8. Have you made plans for tonight? – Yes. I    am going to visit  my sister after work. We need to discuss some family matters. am going to visit have visited will visit will have visited

9. When does the train for Boston leave, please? – It  leaves      at 8:30 p.m. every day. leaves has left has been leaving will have left

10. I will ask her about it when she    comes   back. comes is going to come will come will be coming

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Take Care of Yourself

Valerie studies at a big university. At the same time, she maintains a full-time job so that she can pay for her tuition and her living expenses. So Valerie spends most of the day at the office, then goes to class three days a week. She also stays up late at night to study for her classes.

Valerie does not do any physical exercise. Between work and university, she is so busy that she thinks she does not have time for any physical activity.

Sadly, she rarely eats home-made meals. She usually just grabs a bag of chips or a hamburger as she leaves her office to take the bus to university. Since she is convinced that she does not have time to make a healthy dinner when she gets home, she eats lots of pizzas that she orders over the phone.

After dinner, she starts studying and preparing her assignments. Valerie does not sleep very much because of it. She feels grumpy when she wakes up early in the morning, and she is irritable at work. After her long day, she feels tired in class, and it is hard for her to concentrate.

To make matters even worse, Valerie keeps getting sick. This makes her miss work and class. She is miserable! She just wants to feel good. Her grades start to go down because of her illnesses. As she thinks about her whole life situation, she gets so frustrated that she does not even want to study anymore.

During her mid-year break, Valerie decides to make some big changes. First, she learns how to make some easy, healthy recipes. She actually finds that she saves a lot of money by preparing her food herself, and the food tastes much better too! After an early dinner and some quiet reading, Valerie goes to bed early every night. Now she really feels refreshed in the morning.

Then she decides to give something else a try. Her office is not really so far from her university, so one day after work she tries walking there. As she walks down the street, looking at all the people, the shops, and the movement in the city, she remembers how much she hates being stuck on the bus in traffic. In fact, she finds that she can get to class almost as fast by walking. And she is so much happier when she arrives!

When the semester begins, Valerie maintains her healthy habits. She sets time aside on the weekends to study and do her assignments. Because she is sleeping and eating better now, she can finally concentrate and needs to spend much less time studying.

It is a huge improvement. Valerie saves money on food and transportation, she has much more energy, she feels less stressed, and her grades are better. She is glad she finally started to take care of herself. Now she finally enjoys all of her different activities and feels happy about her life.




1. What does “tuition” mean?

a) the money you pay to live in an apartment

b) the money someone pays you to work for them

c) the money you pay to a university to study there

d) the money a university gives you to help you study

2. What does “grumpy” mean?

a) upset and irritable

b) confused

c) energetic

d) tired

3. What does “healthy” mean?

a) good for your body

b) good for your emotional state

c) good for your mental state

d) all of the above


1. She decides walk to class.

a) to walk

b) walking

c) walk

d) walked

2. Valerie keeps getting sick.

a) having

b) getting

c) being

d) doing

3. She is so much happy when she arrives.

a) happy

b) happiest

c) more happy

d) happier


Moral Story Number 1: Take Care of Yourself

Moral Story Number 2: Be Temperate

Moral Story Number 3: Do Not Be Promiscuous

Moral Story Number 4: Love and Help Children

Moral Story Number 5: Honor and Help Your Parents

Moral Story Number 6: Set a Good Example

Moral Story Number 7: Seek to Live With the Truth

Moral Story Number 8: Do Not Murder

Moral Story Number 9: Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Moral Story Number 10: Support a Government Designed and Run for All the People

Moral Story Number 11: Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will

Moral Story Number 12: Safeguard and Improve Your Environment

Moral Story Number 13: Do Not Steal

Moral Story Number 14: Be Worthy of Trust

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Make Up Your Mind Day

Make Up Your Mind Day just goes to show that there really is a day for everything.

This one is aimed at those who may be just a little (or a lot) indecisive. So to all you undecided people out there: no matter whether you have a habit annoying your friends by struggling to pick a dish at a restaurant, or trying to decide if you’re really, really ready for that career change, this is the one day when the choice has to be made. No excuses, no procrastination, no ands, ifs or buts—this day is your chance to stop putting things off for fear of responsibility and get things done. And what a better day to do this than New Year’s Eve, when you’re standing on the brink of a whole New Year and perhaps wondering what you could do to make it your own?The best way to celebrate this holiday is to make a firm decision to make firm decisions from now forward. That may sound silly, but the fact is that habits are extremely powerful, so once you do start making decisions you don’t go back on, the resulting feelings of both pride and determination will make you much more likely to continue making such decisions. And where should you start? The truth is that you and only you know the answer to that question. December 31st is the perfect day to take some time to think about your life thus far, how satisfied you are with it, what you would change, and most importantly, what decisions you would have to make and stick to in order for those changes to happen. Every big move in life is made up of a series of much smaller decisions, and you will have t make each and every one of them to achieve your goal.

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What are three important qualities of a teacher?

What are three important qualities of a teacher?
Teaching is a difficult occupation. Teachers play an important part in training children, teenagers… So, a good teacher must have some special qualities. They are: knowledge, creation, confidence, empathy, sense of humor and passion.

Imagine you are dreaming being a teacher, you must accept that there are no doubt that knowledge is the first quality of a good teacher. A good teacher need to enlarge his/her general knowledge on culture, society, biology, geography… to provide students what they want to know. Beside, a good teacher must be a person who are open to change. He/she must know “the only real constant in life is change”. There is a place not only for tradition but also for new ways,…show more content…
However, a good teacher need to believe that he/she can solve those problems. A teacher is a window through which many young people will see their future, so he/she has to be a fine role model. He/she need to show his/her confidence with the future, thereby teacher can teach student how to believe in themselves.

Empathy is the third quality. A teacher must have the ability to bond with the students, to understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions. He/she need to put his/herself in students’ situation to understand and solve students’ problem. A good teacher must know that the aggression, negative attitudes that he/she can see in some students have a root cause. He/she know that they are really scared young people who have come through some bed experiences in life. This will keep a teacher calm and have control. If a teacher can do this, he/she will gain more than love from his/her students.

As we know, sense of humor is a key to surviving as a teacher. A teacher who is humorous and funny can reduces barriers and lighten the atmosphere especially during heavy period. By telling funny stories, joking with the students, a teacher can makes class more enjoyable and makes students pay attention to the lessons. An ability to make students laugh will carry a teacher far and gain he/she more respect.

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 Football is a game that millions of people around the world play and love. It can be called a universal game because every small and big nation plays it.

Moreover, it’s a great relaxer, stress reliever, teacher of discipline and teamwork. Apart from that, it keeps the body and mind fit and healthy. It’s a team game that makes it a more enjoyable game as it teaches people the importance of sportsmanship. Leadership, and unity.

Essay On Football


The history of football can be traced back to the ancient times of the Greeks. Everyone knows that the Greeks were great sportsmen and have invented many games.

Football happens to one of them. A similar game like football is played in many countries but the latest version of football that we knew originates in England. Likewise, England formulated the first rule of the game. From that day onwards the football has progressed in ways we can’t imagine.


Football is an important game from the point of view of the spectator as well as the player. This 90 minutes game is full of excitement and thrill.

Moreover, it keeps the player mentally and physically healthy, and disciplined. And this ninety-minute game tests their sportsmanship, patience, and tolerance.

Besides, all this you make new friends and develop your talent. Above all, it’s a global game that promotes peace among countries.


Learning any game is not an easy task. It requires dedication and hard work. Besides, all this the sport test your patience and insistence towards it. Moreover, with every new skill that you learn your game also improves. Above all, learning is a never-ending process so to learn football you have to be paying attention to every minute details that you forget to count or missed.


If we look at the scenarios of a few years back then we can say that football was not a popular game in except West Bengal. Also, Indians do not take much interest in playing football. Likewise, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has some limited resources and limited support from the government.

But, now the scenario has completely changed. At this time football matches the level of cricket in the country. Apart from that, the country organizes various football tournaments every year.

Above all, due to the unpopularity of football people do not know that we have under-17 and under-23, as well as a football team.


The biggest tournament of Football is the FIFA world cup which occurs every 4 years. Apart from that, there are various other tournaments like UEFA cup, Asian Cup (AFC), African completions (CAF) and many more.

To conclude, we can say that football is very interesting that with every minute takes the viewer’s breath away. Besides, you can’t predict what’s going to happen the next second or minute in football. Apart from all this football keeps the one playing it fit and healthy. Above all, it can be a medium of spreading the message of peace in the world as it is a global game.