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Different places – different lives


Calvin lives on Vatersay, an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The island is very, very small. It is five kilometers long and five kilometers wide, and there are fewer than 100 people on the island.

Calvin’s father works at fisherman. He usually leaves the house before six o’clock in the morning. His mum always spends the day at home. She often does the housework, but that isn’t the only thing she does. She teaches Calvin and his three sisters too. Vatersay hasn’t got a school, so the children learn at home. Calvin and his family sometimes watch TV in the evenings, but not very often, because the pictures is hardly ever very good.

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Mawar lives in the village of Kertajaya, West Java. It is 80 kilometers to the city from Mawar’s home. And it is a seven kilometers walk to a real school. But Mawar never goes to that school. There is a temporary school in Mawar’s village, and that’s where she and 100 other pupils have their lessons every day. I can’t walk seven kilometers to school and back again every day. There are often storms and there is a lot of rain, Mawar says. ‘The school in our village is great. The building is old and it isn’t very good. But it means I can always go to school. Mawar and her family never watch television – they haven’t got TV.

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Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practice and improve your listening skills.


Can you play a musical instrument? What instrument would you like to play? Would you like to be in a band?

ShowCheck your understanding: true or false

ShowCheck your understanding: gap fill





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English/ Ordering in a café

Customer 1: Can I have an orange juice, please?

Server: Regular or large?

Customer 1: How big is a large?

Server: This is a large. This is a regular.

Customer 1: I’ll have a large, then, please. Without ice.

Server: OK, coming up.

Customer 1: Sorry, I wanted freshly squeezed orange juice.

Server: I’m afraid we only have bottled juices.

Customer 1: Oh, then I’ll have an apple juice instead, please.

Server: Here you go. That’s £3.50, please.

Customer: Thanks.

Server: Thank you.

Server: Can I help anyone?

Customer 2: Who’s next?

Customer 3: You were first, I think.

Customer 2: What teas do you have?

Server: Breakfast tea, mint and green tea.

Customer 2: A mint tea and a slice of lemon cake, please.

Server: To eat in or take away?

Customer 2: Take away, please.

Server: There you go. That’ll be £4.20, please.

Customer 2: Sorry, I’ve only got a fifty.

Server: That’s OK. Here’s your change … 5, 10, 30, 50.

Server: Who’s next?

Customer 4: Can I have a …

Customer 3: Sorry, I think I was in front of you. 

Customer 4: Oh, sorry! 

Customer 3: Can I have a chocolate chip cookie, please?

Server: Would you like a drink with that?

Customer 3: No, thanks. Just the cookie.

Server: OK, then. That’s 95p, please.

Customer 3: Thanks. I think that’s right.

Server: 50, 70, 80, 85, 90, 92, 94, yep, 95. Thank you.

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My mother

Mother is a very special and important person for every child. In fact, she is the most precious gift of God for everyone. A child can see the world only because of her. For me, my mother is the symbol of love, honesty and truth. My moter is an inspiration for me, she is an amazing woman and I always start my day with my mother’s smile. My mother’s name is Shushan. She’s 30 years old. She works in a bank. She is very generous, kind, good-natured, warm-hearted, cheerful, trastful and easy-going person. Many times, she becomes a child herself and enjoys to the fullest with us like going out for movies or for shopping. I always share all my secrets with my mom and she always gives me useful advices. She is always very concerned about our education, health and happiness. My mother does everything possible to make us feel comfortable all the time. Mother is not simply a word; in fact, it is a whole universe in itself. She is the most important person in my life and I love her very much.

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Rare delicious dishes

Chicken in Milk | Chicken Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes | Recipe | Potatoes  dauphinoise, Bbc good food recipes, Recipes

Nakhata dish is one of the unusual dishes. I personally like that dish very much. This dish is Syrian. It includes milk, potatoes, cheese and butter. They make it in the oven. It seems to me that there are people who do not want to try the names of the ingredients, but I recommend to try ․

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Meeting people at a dinner

Listen to introductions at a dinner party to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.

Charles: Hello, Julian.

Julian: Hello, Charles. How are you?

Charles: I’m fine. Fine. Julian, do you remember Alyssa?

Julian: No, I don’t.

Charles: She’s Ben’s sister. Do you remember? We were all at Ben’s wedding together.

Julian: Ah, yes, I do – in that old castle. Was it in January?

Charles: Yes, it was! Alyssa was there.

Alyssa: Hello. Nice to meet you … again.

Julian: Hello, nice to meet you too, Alison.

Alyssa: I’m not Alison.

Julian: What?

Alyssa: My name isn’t Alison. It’s Alyssa.

Julian: I’m sorry. Nice to meet you, Alyssa.

Charles: Good. Would you like a drink?

Julian: Good idea.

Alyssa: Yes, please.

Charles: Here you are.

Alyssa and Julian: Thanks!

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My pet ❤️

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals. I have a pet, his name is Archi. He’s very kind and fun. All members of my family love him very much. His breed is Chihuahua. I enjoy playing with him. He’s an important part of our family, not just a pet. He loves our family members but he’s agressive to strangers. He likes meat and sausages. I always buy him beautiful clothes and toys. He always does some funny tricks. He is afraid of taking bath. My grandmother takes care of him, when i am not at home. I often take him with me to the park for a walk, especially in summer. He likes some sweets, dark chocolate, apples, broccoli, cabbage and coliflower. I like him very much and i don’t feel lonely when he’s with me.

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My winter camp

My winter camp
I started the winter camp with my teacher Karine I was absent for two weeks during the camp and I managed to do very little. On the first day, we played educational games during the lessons, such as lotto flag city, etc. ․․․․ Then two girls and me went to the supermarket to buy fruit to make a fruit salad. We made a salad and enjoyed it․ The next day the yard was covered with snow, because it was snowing, the teacher let us go out to play snowballs.

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The Jakson family live in Chester. They rent house. They want to buy their own house so they save money when they can.

Daniel Jakson works in factory in Manchester — it’s not a bad job but it’s a long way for him to go work. His wife, Fill, is a secretary in a school.

The Jacksons have two teenage children. They are both at school, and when Jill finishes work, she drives to their school and then takes them home.





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