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English test

1It’s an animal.

2.I need a new bed.

3.It’s a useful machine.

4I’m a waiter.

5.Do you have an umbrella?

6.I’m an English teacher.

7.I need a hat.

8Is she a student?

9We have an ugly duck.

10.I need an hour.

1.a university  universities

2.a sandwich  sandwiches

a university ⇒ universitiesCorrect

2a sandwich ⇒ sandwichesCorrect

3.a street  streets

4.a rich man rich man foot two feet

a dirty bag ⇒ dirty bagsCorrect

➪ Add -s as a general rule

7an expensive watch ⇒ expensive watchesCorrect

8a new phone ⇒ new phonesCorrect

9a nice photograph nice photographsCorrect

10One glass of wine two glassesCorrect of wine

  1. a bus  busesCorrect

2. a nice family nice familiesCorrect

3. an Italian child Italian childrenCorrect

4. a strong tooth strong teethCorrect

5. a nice dress nice dressesCorrect

6. an angry wife angry wivesCorrect

7. a uniform uniformsCorrect

8. an amazing website amazing websitesCorrect

9. an elephant  elephantsCorrect

10. an empty library empty librariesCorrect

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What does success mean for you?

Lesson one

  • Classwork– English-in-Mind-1, page 41, Successful people
  • Homework-What does success mean for you. Write a short essay. 

For me, success is a very big concept. For example, having successful friends, good surroundings and a successful job. But if you look the other way, make happiness a goal for me and go after it and don’t give up, because if you give up, everything will fail and you will be weak.

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My hero

I like to sing very much and I admire Armenian singers very much. Among the Armenian singers, my hero is Gor Sujyan and Ruben Hakhverdyan. I love them very much because their songs are very deep and very touching. I love their songs and them very much and I am going to go soon. at their concert. At the concert.

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My Friendship 

November 14-18

Topic of the lesson. Friendship 

I remember we were in the 3rd grade when I met David and Marija and I had no idea who they were. The first month in the camp was a bit difficult for me because I had just moved to the Mkhitar Sebasatts educational complex. I first became friends with Maria and we started to get closer to Mimi. sitting next to each other we became closer and closer we spent a lot of time with Mimi and now we are very close and we love each other a lot and we spend a lot of time as 3 of us. I love my friends very much and I will always be with them .

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How I became a Sebastian

I have been studying at Derenik Demrchyan School N27 for two years. In the 3rd grade, I moved to the West School of the Mkhitar Sebastasi educational complex. I participated in the summer trip camp. Then I made friends and became a member of the Sebastian community. The curriculum here is completely different from my previous school. Of course, there were difficulties at first, but I adapted easily thanks to the warm and friendly attitude of my new friends and teachers. Sebastsi community taught me to appreciate national values. Classes are more than pleasant for us. we just don’t have time to get tired. We spend part of the lessons outside, in the garden or on the farm. My favorite moment is singing on the bus in the morning. we learn new songs and sing all the way to school. Mkhitar Sebastasi educational complex is my irreplaceable school and safe environment, which I would not exchange for any other school or community.

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English exercises 1-3

Complete these sentences. Use the verbs below.
clean – die – enjoy – end – happen – live – open – play – rain – repair – start – stay – want – watch

1. Yesterday evening I watched TV.
2. I only cleaned my teeth four times last week.
3. Bruce repaired his mountain bike yesterday evening.
4. The concert last night started at 7.30 and ended at 10 o’clock.
5. The accident happened last Sunday afternoon.
6. When I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer.
7. Mozart lived from 1756 to 1791.
8. We enjoyed our holiday last week.
9. Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it rained.
10. It was hot in the room, so I opened the window.
11. The weather was good yesterday afternoon, so we played tennis.
12. William Shakespeare died in 1616.

Fill in the negation.
1. They were at the party yesterday. They weren’t at the party yesterday.
2. Paula wrote back. Paula didn’t write back.
3. We arrived late. We didn’t arrive late.
4. He played football. He didn’t play football.
5. I forgot her birthday. I didn’t forget her birthday.
6. He washed the car. He didn’t wash the car.
7. She hurt her leg. She didn’t hurt her leg.
8. Sam was tired. Sam wasn’t tired.
9. I found the keys. I didn’t find the keys.
10. Martin visited his grandparents. Martin didn’t visit his grandparents.
11. She tidied her room. She didn’t tidy her room.
12. He jumped high. He didn’t jump high.
13. Steve left the hotel three days ago. Steve didn’t leave the hotel.
14. She was in Italy last summer. She wasn’t in Italy last summer.
15. Mr Brown read my essay. Mr Brown didn’t read my essay
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Autumn in my yard

Look out of your window, describe autumn in your yard, in your street, make videos, recordings.

Autumn is one of the four seasons. I love fall because the leaves are turning red, yellow, orange, and it’s nice. I had a week’s vacation. I visited my grandmother during my vacation. It was a very beautiful autumn. And also the sunsets were very beautiful, it has red, yellow, pink, orange colors. I also like to walk with my friends in autumn. I hope I can enjoy the beauty of autumn. Because we can enjoy the colors given by autumn.