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Present Simple or Progressive — Exercise

Fill in the present simple or the present progressive.
1. Mr Cooper always buys a pound of sugar. (buy)
2. The shop assistant is closing the door now. (close)
3. Kevin and Alan never throw away glass bottles. (throw)
4. Look! Freddy is carrying two baskets. (carry)
5. Now Mrs Caveman is looking out of the window. (look)
6. Mrs Bingham goes shopping every Saturday. (go)
7. I am counting the money at the moment. (count)
8. Mr Root always opens a box of eggs before buying them. (open)
9. Mum often forgets her change. (forget)
10. Listen! The manager is talking to a customer. (talk)
11. My friends often go to the computer shop. (go)
12. We always put our things in a basket. (put)
13. The shop is closing at the moment. (close)
14. They play tennis every Sunday. (play)
15. She is taking a shower now. (take)

Present Simple or Progressive — Exercise 2

1. It’s seven o’clock and they are going to school now. (go)
2. Mrs Cooper eats in the restaurant every Sunday. (eat)
3. Our cat never jumps on the kitchen table. (jump)
4. Look! The men are wearing blue uniforms. (wear)
5. Curt always plays his guitar in the afternoon. (play)
6. The taxi is waiting for them at the moment. (wait)
7. He always helps his grandmother in the coat. (help)
8. They never eat very much. (eat)
9. Listen! Bill is playing his electric guitar. (play)
10. He washes his car every Sunday. (wash)
11. The alarm rings at seven o’clock every morning. (ring)
12. They always bring their aunt a tree for Christmas. (bring)
13. She is wearing a red pullover and black jeans today. (wear)
14. The boys are throwing snowballs at the girls now. (throw)
15. Mr Black is walking into the classroom at the moment. (walk)

Present Simple or Progressive — Exercise 3

Complete with the present simple or present progressive form of the verbs.
1. Listen! The baby is crying. (cry)
2. Sue sometimes has an egg for breakfast. (have)
3. We always walk to school, but today we are taking the bus. (walk / take)
4. What are you doing? I am cleaning the dishes. (clean)
5. I never drink beer. (drink)
6. Who is playing in the garden now? (play)
7. Look! I am painting a picture. (paint)
8. English children learn French in their school. (learn)
9. Can you help me? No, sorry, I am studying for the test. (study)
10. Joe often goes to school with me. (go)
11. It’s nine o’clock and we are eating lunch now. (eat)
12. My sister never plays table tennis. (play)
13. I always eat breakfast at 7 o’clock. (eat)
14. Susan is watching TV now. (watch)
15. We are reading a book at this moment. (read)

Present Simple or Present Progressive — Exercise 4

1. Look! Pauline is watering the flowers. (water)
2. Listen! The girls are singing a song. (sing)
3. She usually drives home by bus. (drive)
4. Jack goes to his grandmother every day. (go)
5. Look! Sally and Joe are playing tennis. (play)
6. Nelly drinks a cup of tea every morning. (drink)
7. We can’t play tennis. It is raining now. (rain)
8. Bill is doing his homework at the moment. (do)
9. Jane always does her homework in her room. (do)
10. The boys sometimes run in the park. (run)
11. My cat never sleeps in my room. (sleep)
12. Listen! Phil is singing an English song. (sing)
13. No, I am not listening to music on my mobile phone, I am having a bath. (not listen / have)
14. Michael can’t play football. He is playing the guitar at the moment. (play)
15. We never write letters to America. (write)

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